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Different Colored Luggage

Best Colors for Luggage to Make Yourself Stand Out at the Airport

When traveling, it's important to be able to easily recognize your luggage in a crowd of bags coming down the baggage carousel. This is why choosing the right color for your luggage is essential. If you choose a color that blends in with everyone else's bags, then you're going to have a hard time finding it at the airport baggage claim. In this article, we will discuss some travel tips for choosing the best luggage colors so you can make yourself stand out from the crowd!

In my many years of staring intently at the luggage carousel for my own bag, I've seen black, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, turquoise, blue, brown, beige, and tan including some multicolored bags. And who hasn't seen some luggage with duct tape on them?

So, what are the best colors for luggage?

Here are some great and not-so-great options that will help you stand out at the airport:

Black Luggage

All Black Luggage

While black luggage may be fashionable, it has several disadvantages when it comes to travel. First, black luggage is more likely to get dirty than lighter colors. This is because dirt and dust are more visible on darker surfaces. Second, black luggage is more difficult to spot on a baggage carousel. If you're looking for your bag in a sea of other black bags, it can be quite difficult to find. Finally, black luggage can show scuffs and scratches more easily than lighter colors. If you're looking for a bag that will stay looking new for years to come, black may not be the best option.

Bright Colors

If you're looking for a bag that will make you stand out at the airport, consider buying luggage in a bright color. Bright colors are easier to spot on a baggage carousel, so you won't have to spend ages looking for your bag. They're also less likely to show dirt and scratches, so your luggage will look new for longer. However, keep in mind that bright colors may not be as fashionable as more muted colors like black and grey colored travel luggage. You may draw some unwanted attention from other passengers on your next trip, but at least you'll be able to identify your bag quickly and be on your way sooner.

Best Colors

Baggage Carousel

Some of the best colors for travel luggage are blue, green, pink, and purple. These colors are eye-catching but not too flashy, so you'll still look chic when you're carrying them through the airport.

If you're looking for a color that will really make you stand out, consider orange or yellow. These colors are sure to turn heads, but they may not be the best choice if you're looking for a more understated look.

Lastly, red is a bright and bold color. It's perfect for making your luggage stand out and easy to spot on the baggage carousel. 

Why is Brown, Beige, or Tan luggage perfect for travel?

There are a few reasons why brown, beige, and tan luggage are some of the best travel gear you can buy. First, these colors are very neutral, meaning they won’t clash with your other travel gear or clothes. Second, they’re relatively easy to find in a sea of black bags. And third, they don’t show dirt and scuffs as easily as other colors do.

Are Dark Green bags good for travel?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences. Some people prefer dark green bags because they are less likely to show dirt and stains, while others find them difficult to keep clean. If you're someone who prefers a bag that is easy to keep clean, then a dark green bag might not be the best choice for you. However, if you don't mind a little extra work when it comes to cleaning your bag, then a dark green bag can be a great option for travel. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to choose a dark green bag for travel is up to you. What matters most is that you find a bag that meets your needs and preferences.

Don't want to buy new luggage? Why not use a unique luggage tag?

Unique Luggage Tag

There are many reasons to use a unique luggage tag. The most obvious is it can make your bag stand out in a crowd. This can be helpful if you're trying to spot your bag on a conveyor belt or in the baggage claim area. A bright or distinctive tag will help you locate your bag quickly and easily. But there are some other benefits as well.

A unique luggage tag can also help you keep track of your luggage if you have multiple pieces. It can be easy to lose track of which bags are yours if they all look the same. But if you use the same unique luggage tag on all your bags, then you can quickly spot all your bags as they come down the baggage carousel among a sea of others.

An overlooked reason for having a unique luggage tag is it can help airlines and baggage handlers find your luggage much quicker if it gets lost. Just think how much easier it is for someone to look out for a large red luggage tag in the shape of a strawberry.

So if you're looking for a way to make your luggage more identifiable, a unique luggage tag is a great option. It can help you keep track of your bags and make them easier to spot in a crowd. Plus, it's a nice way to personalize your bags.

Other alternatives to purchasing new luggage.

Here are some alternative ways to customize your luggage to stand out in a crowd.

  • Fabric paint for soft-sided luggage
  • Brightly colored or reflective tape
  • Luggage covers
  • Colorful ribbons (This is the most popular method I've seen over the years while traveling.)
  • Stickers
  • Bags with an artistic flair

Don't overlook what's inside as well as outside your luggage.

No matter what color you choose, make sure to pick a travel bag that suits your needs. If you're a frequent traveler, look for a bag with lots of compartments and pockets. If you're planning to use your luggage for travel and for everyday activities, look for a bag that's both stylish and functional.


Brown Luggage

Coming from someone who doesn't like to draw the attention of other passengers, brown, beige, and tan luggage are some of the best travel gear you can buy because it's neutral, easy to find, and doesn't show dirt and scuffs easily. If you're looking for a way to make your existing luggage more identifiable, use a unique luggage tag. And finally, make sure to pick a travel bag that suits your needs, whether you use it for travel or everyday activities, while being both stylish and functional. With the right luggage, you'll be ready for any adventure!

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